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Rajiv Khetani

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I have over 10 years of experience working with mental health, I have become aware, that for all of us there are moments in our lives where we may become distressed, anxious, depressed, feel stuck, have personal or professional relationship issues, experience loss. Perhaps you simply need someone to talk to that is not a member of family or friends, someone that is impartial and may be able to offer a different perspective.

The main aim in counselling is that you do not have to face your challenges in life alone, building a connection that is non-judgemental, respectful and collaborative.

I use my skills to work with you at the pace and depth that is appropriate for you to work through the difficulties you are experiencing in order to feel more empowered within yourself and your life.

As an a Integrative Counsellor, I draw on three models;-

  • Psychodynamic (how messages, events, attachments and upbringing play out in the here and now),
  • Person Centred Therapy (an individual has the ability self govern and grow)
  • Transpersonal (the spiritual aspect of human experience, we are more than our mind, emotions and body)

What I can help with

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Cultural issues, Identity issues, Men’s issues, Sexual identity, Sexuality, Spirituality, Relationships, Sex-related issues, Stress, Work related issues, addiction.

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