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Dennis Sweeney

Mobile: 07447257189
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I’m an experienced therapist in Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Taking the first steps to talk with someone about what’s going on can be frightening, perhaps not wanting to tell certain people or feel uncomfortable telling any person.
Maybe you’ve had therapy before or considering therapy for the first time and would like to talk things through with someone. Seeking help is very beneficial, when trying to reach a place where you can feel better.
My goal is to help you achieve your goals, it’s the essence of my practice.
How we could work together;
We have the opportunity to build a trusting relationship where you can take an honest look at what is going on for you, without feeling judged or being told what you should do. We can take a look at where you find yourself now, how you got there and perhaps some different perspectives will emerge that will help you make changes that are right for you.
The way I work with people is very effective and the results from my practice show this.
Whatever you’re going through or whatever situation you’re in, I’m here if you would like to talk.

Sending my kindest regards

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