Our Location

Getting to your session

Ludgate Hill Psychotherapy Room is at 89 Fleet Street and in very close proximity of St. Paul’s (8 mins)  and Blackfriars (5 mins) tube stations and also City Thameslink (3 mins) and Farringdon (13 mins) rail stations.  The following bus routes also pass by in Fleet Street –  11, 15, 23, 26 and 76.

Arriving and waiting

If you arrive early for your appointment, there are a number of places you can pass the time.  In the summer there is St Brides Churchyard where you can sit in and drink a coffee made for you by Amit from the Ethical Bean Company. There are also a number of coffee shops and eateries in the immediate vicinity. As it is a busy street it is safe to arrive and leave the building in the evening.

At the front door

If you arrive at the time of your appointment please ring the intercom and your therapist will answer and open the door for you.  There is a separate bell for Room 2, for Rooms 3 & 4, for Rooms 5 & 6, and for Rooms 7 & 8. Once you are in the door there is a flight of stairs to get you to the first floor. Rooms 2,3 & 4 are on the second floor,  rooms 5,6,7 & 8 are on the third floor.

Inside the Rooms

The psychotherapy rooms are on the second and third floors in a lovely old building that neighbours St Brides church. Three of the rooms look down onto the churchyard. The other four rooms look down onto Fleet Street. The rooms are cosy and confidential, to provide a relaxed setting for your conversation with your therapist.