Terms for hiring London therapy rooms

Upon commencement each tenant will be asked to sign a letter indicating agreement to the terms and affirming that the tenant has professional indemnity insurance. To see the full terms stated in this letter click below.

Download the Hire Agreement Letter

The minimum rental period is one month and you are required to provide one month’s notice of the intention to quit. You will be charged for blocks you have booked even when you are on holiday (including Bank Holidays).

A rental session is 60 minutes to accomodate therapeutic sessons of 50 minutes. You can expect to have access to the room 5 minutes before your client session, and must vacate the room no less than 5 minutes before the session of the next therapist.

Ad hoc or one-off sessions (for assessments or rescheduled appointments) may be booked where availability permits, by someone who has an existing regular booking.


Call or email me to arrange a viewing of the counselling psychotherapy rooms to hire in central London.

Stephen Garratt