Rates for Therapy Rooms in City of London

Affordable rate for therapy rooms

There is range of rates to suit you whether you are just starting out in counselling or psychotherapy private practice or are looking to move a busy counselling or psychotherapy practice to a more flexible location. There are five block booking rates. The minimum booking is a three session block. When committing to a block you will be charged for that block each month in advance until you give notice and vacate the block. This means you will be charged for the block even if you are away on holiday (including Bank Holidays).

 Morning Block from 7am to 2pm £50
 PM Block from 3pm to 10pm £60
 All Day from 7am to 10pm £90
 Weekend All Day from 7am to 10pm £60

Morning Block Contrary to what you might expect, while some potential clients will prefer evening appointments, many of our therapists are busy throughout the day. Some therapists may prefer to work in the day, and those who have EAP work could find that clients will be able to come during work hours. The morning block could also allow you to come in at 7am to see some clients before work (at 7am, 8am and 9am) and then to see more over the lunch hour (at 11am, noon and 1pm).

PM Block The PM block gives you access to the room from 3pm. Taking the room from this time can give you a chance to settle in for the evening session and use the included wireless Internet to catch up on correspondence and research. However 3pm and 4pm are also often very productive as client session times, or as assessment sessions.

All Day Block The All Day Block gives you access to the room from 7am to 10pm. Allowing you to see clients over the three high-demand lunch-time slots (12, 1 and 2pm) and also the four high-traffic evening slots (5, 6, 7 and 8pm). During times when you are not seeing clients you can use the room as a quiet work area, with the included wireless Internet.